How to safely walk your dog

It is the highlight of our day taking our fur babies for a walk and seeing the joy and excitement it brings them as the word ‘walk’ is mentioned. But unfortunately, like most things, there are always risks. Which is why it is important that we take the time to learn ways to keep our

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Did someone say summer?

Here comes Summer Well it has been a while since I did a blog and as I write I have two guests playing in my lounge with one of my Newfoundlands such is life here now, it is often full of variety, and sometimes I wonder if I will ever catch up! Winter is showing

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An ode to Lace

Newflands CEO, Fiona, shares her thoughts after losing a furbaby and much beloved member of her family So I have been putting this off for a week and it still doesn’t get any easier. One day back in 2003 I agreed to have one of my Newfoundland dogs used at stud in return for a

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5 Quick Tips to keeping your Furbaby Cool

The heat is so hard for our Furbabies whether they are coated in a long coat or not, and for those with no coats like the hairless varieties, it can be very damaging to their skins if they are in the sun without sunscreen as they burn just like us. Here are five quick tips

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Newflands Hoki Fish Treats bites for Pets Newflands

Do you know Newflands Treats are Freeze dried?

What is Freeze drying? It is a way we can preserve food for a long period of time. The astronauts in space often have freeze dried meals. A lot of trampers also use freeze dried food as it doesn’t have the weight when it is carried as other food would  and when they add water

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Looking for a new Furbaby? What should I consider?

So you want to add a new Furbaby /Adult to your family? You have thought about it long and hard and you have decided it is the right time. The next step is to decide what will suit you and where you will get your addition from. Some things to consider are: Will it be

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