How to deal with fussy eaters

In every household, there is usually a fussy eater, and yes, sometimes that can be our fur-babies. It is important to know the difference between your furbaby being sick, and just being plain fussy. Either way, it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, and preferably in an easy way!   So, first

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Trout Palatant

Case Study: Trout Palatant

Newflands is a New Zealand based company which is well-known for their development of pet supplements. Hoki Oil, otherwise known as ‘Rosie’s Oil‘, started the Newflands journey after having had such a positive personal experience with the oil. Hoki Oil is now the main ingredient in all current and future Newflands products. Today, Newflands sustainable

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Pet Activities

Activities to do with your pet

Summer is on its way which means more outdoor time!! Yay!! Sometimes winter brings the lazy side out of us, and we struggle to get motivation, and your beloved pets sometimes bear the consequences of this. So, to lighten up the mood now that spring and summer are upon us, we thought we would share

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Gryff the GSD Cross Siberian

Case Study: Using Newflands Omega-i Oil to relieve kennel cough symptoms

When Newflands are contacted by worried owners whose beloved fur babies have ailments such as kennel cough, we have the perfect solution to help the animal’s immune systems eliminate those dreaded kennel cough symptoms as quickly as possible – our Omega-i Oil. As a pet health supplement company, Newflands have developed their products to help

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Unleash Your Inner Mutt-Gyver

By Arden Moore, The Pet Health and Safety Coach and Founder of Pet First Aid 4U Dogs don’t live in a protective bubble. They can get ill and injured. A dog can get stung by a bee, cut a paw during a walk or choke on a treat, then collapse and stop breathing. As a

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How to safely walk your dog

It is the highlight of our day taking our fur babies for a walk and seeing the joy and excitement it brings them as the word ‘walk’ is mentioned. But unfortunately, like most things, there are always risks. Which is why it is important that we take the time to learn ways to keep our

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