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Newflands products use only the very best natural ingredients to maintain your pets’ well-being, support their healthy immune system or work with their current Veterinary treatment if they have Arthritis, itchy flaky or scratchy skin conditions, eye issues or heart problems.

Newflands Supplements: Omega-i Oil and Hoki Oil and our range of Health Treats with other natural products such as Manuka Honey are made in New Zealand with Top Quality, Human Grade ingredients.


Happy Pets equal Happy Owners

Meet Tilly the little puppy who is being positively reinforced for learning her name using Newflands Hoki treats, Tasty and Healthy…watch her story

Loves Learning

How did Monty’s mum cope fussy eating Monty had all sorts  to tempt him to eat until Kelly introduced him to Newflands Hoki Gravy…watch his story


Fussy Eater

Ginne went from healthy and happy to Near- Death and with Fiona’s advice is now back on her feet. She is back to being the happy old lady we know and love – but will still not eat food without the gravy. Read her story.

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