Newflands Staycation for Dogs

Would you like to see who stays here?

We have a small number fur babies who visit and sleep over from 1 night to long term depending on their requirements.20160111_002107

Our place is designed for the med- large dogs and we only take a limited number of dogs at a time often from the same family. If for any reason we are not on site for a time then your dog will be individually penned while not under supervision.

Your Fur-baby is integrated with ours and will become part of the family . They have free range around  the house and front paddock when not being grazed and live indoors with us during their stay.

This summer we have been able to add a pool to the front paddock and our guests love their supervised swims.

Poppy and Beau

  • Poppy has her favorite likes
  • Climbing and sleeping on the back of the couch sleeping on the footstool see right
  • Bouncing on people sleeping on the couch
  • She is a fab swimmer in the pool
  • She loves Beau her new boyfriend.

Bonnie and Clyde

  • Loved to play and our other guest they  had a ball.
  • They also have a palate for couches.
  • Bonnie is the smoochiest girl ever!

Titian is not yet keen on the pool but he made great leaps and bounds when he came to stay while mum and dad had their first holiday in about 8 years.




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