Can I have a dog friendly garden ?

dog on raised garden

How to create a dog-friendly garden It is possible to protect your garden and keep it in order while having dogs at the same time? Gardens can be very enjoyable and stimulating places for dogs. But on the flip side, if not managed properly it could contain several hazards, and…

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Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Training tips for happy dogs

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks Twenty-eight percent of New Zealand families have at least one dog in their household, according to the New Zealand Herald, and the numbers keep growing.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into welcoming the first dog into the home, from purchasing the…

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New Dog Owner Checklist: Must Haves

Congratulations on becoming a new dog owner! You have many fun-filled loving years ahead of you. However, first things first, the must-have checklist that every new dog owner needs, it’s almost like having a baby (except furry). There is a list of things that are essential to have in your…

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