Live Animal Export

This is a highly specialised service which is done with very specific one on one attention to each furbaby, from Show dogs who have visited to gain titles, rescues from the local pound, famous film stars, and working dogs, to pampered felines who are travelling the world in style with their owners all are catered for here at Newflands.

Every client is cared for as if they were our own fur babies and are delivered and waited with until loading to the plane occurs.

New Zealand domestic flights or international jet setters all travel in style.

Prior to departure all clients must be thoroughly vet checked and depending on the country your pet may require 4 weeks or longer vet testing prior to leaving so it is advisable to make your plans well in advance.

Please check to see if your country of destination requires quarantine on arrival at the MAF website

The departure and travel arrangements for your pet must be discussed prior to booking so that exact requirements including destination, Vet visits, required documentation, travel container, diet, travellers weight and size, and boarding prior to departure or on arrival if required, may be clarified.

No puppy under the age of 12 weeks will be shipped by Newflands.

This is not open to puppy mills.

How We Work:

We are very transparent and believe this creates trust.

We on charge all freight and vet costs  to you directly with receipts and quotes as proof supplied. Our charge covers our time involved in booking vets, freight and service including our knowledge of the process to you along with one trip to either Auckland or Hamilton airport. If there is need for extra trips these are charged at an hourly rate and kms.