Hoki and Precision Food Harvesting- Why do we need it?

Sustainable Hoki fishing using Precision practices are essential for the future of New Zealand’s fishing industry. Ocean Bounty, episode 9 on New Zealand’s TV 3 showcased just how important sustainable fishing is for the future of this industry, and how it can have a general impact on the quality of fish itself. Here at Newflands

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Newflands Hoki Gravy

Hoki Gravy: It’s a world first!

For 8 years I have been working on all things Hoki (Macruronus novaezelandiae) based because I love the fact the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) have greater in value in this species, providing a more effective and concentrated impact for a smaller amount of oil. Hoki is only found around the coast of

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How to deal with fussy eaters

In every household, there is usually a fussy eater, and yes, sometimes that can be our fur-babies. It is important to know the difference between your furbaby being sick, and just being plain fussy. Either way, it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, and preferably in an easy way!   So, first

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Trout Palatant

What do Trout and Hoki have in common?

An example of Hoki Oil being such a success comes from two of our clients, Courtney and Dave from Vet Services Hawkes Bay. They started their journey when they had trouble with fingerlings (baby trout) who had lost their appetite due to ill health. Courtney and Dave’s main priority was to find a quick and

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Pet Activities

Activities to do with your pet

Summer is on its way which means more outdoor time!! Yay!! Sometimes winter brings the lazy side out of us, and we struggle to get motivation, and your beloved pets sometimes bear the consequences of this. So, to lighten up the mood now that spring and summer are upon us, we thought we would share

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Gryff the GSD Cross Siberian

Can Using Newflands Omega-i Oil To Relieve Kennel Cough Symptoms?

When Newflands are contacted by worried owners whose beloved fur babies have ailments such as kennel cough, we have the perfect solution to help the animal’s immune systems eliminate those dreaded kennel cough symptoms as quickly as possible – our Omega-i Oil. As a pet health supplement company, Newflands have developed their products to help

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