Our Promise to be Guardians of Our Oceans

Our Promise We are keeping our promise to be guardians of our  oceans. Thanks to  smarter technology we know how many fish there are and just as importantly how many to leave. Our quota management system guarantees our fisheries stay sustainable it’s something we live by everyday we head out to sea and that is

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New Dog Owner Checklist: Must Haves

Congratulations on becoming a new dog owner! You have many fun-filled loving years ahead of you. However, first things first, the must-have checklist that every new dog owner needs, it’s almost like having a baby (except furry). There is a list of things that are essential to have in your home to keep your new

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Keeping your furbaby happySimple Strategies To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Keeping Your Furbaby Happy While You’re At Work

Keeping Your Furbaby Happy While You’re At Work Ever seen the movie ‘Life of Pets’ and wondered what exactly your fur baby gets up to while you’re at work? Unless you have a camera system in your house, it is hard to know exactly what they are up to. Behaving? Maybe. Not Behaving? Possibly. If

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The Top 10 Tricks to teach your furbaby

The Top 10 Tricks To Teach Your Dog This Year

Whether you have a new family member just joining you or your fur baby has been with you for years, teaching your dog a new trick is always enjoyable for both you and your fur baby. So, we thought we would share our top 10 tricks to teach your dog this year. But firstly, a

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Hoki Fish from New Zealand

What is Hoki Fish? What Benefits does it have?

Newflands products are proudly made with New Zealand Hoki fish (Macruronus novaezelandiae). But, if you aren’t from our corner of the world, chances are you’ve never even heard of Hoki! You may not know what it is or what its incredible health benefits are. In fact, most parts of the world get wild-caught Alaskan Polluck

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Hoki and Precision Food Harvesting

Sustainable Hoki fishing using Precision practices are essential for the future of New Zealand’s fishing industry. Ocean Bounty, episode 9 on New Zealand’s TV 3 showcased just how important sustainable fishing is for the future of this industry, and how it can have a general impact on the quality of fish itself. Here at Newflands

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