Training tips for happy dogs

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks Twenty-eight percent of New Zealand families have at least one dog in their household, according to the New Zealand Herald, and the numbers keep growing.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into welcoming the first dog into the home, from purchasing the essentials to choosing a trusted

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the hole in the driveway and how to fix it

Fixing The Hole In The Driveway

Fixing the hole in the driveway Down our driveway, there was a hole that needed fixing. We have about three lots of pipes laid underneath the gravel I started to notice a hole down the driveway I went to investigate it was where two of these pipes had not been completely sealed at the connection.

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Moving Your Furbaby to New Zealand

Moving your Furbaby to New Zealand Moving Furbaby’s to any place can be stressful but to go as far as New Zealand can be an extremely stressful and expensive but a very exciting at the same time. Once you have chosen to bring your pets to New Zealand there are a number of regulations that

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Our Promise

Our Promise   We are keeping our promise to be guardians of our  oceans. Thanks to  smarter technology we know how many fish there are and just as importantly how many to leave. Our quota management system guarantees our fisheries stay sustainable it’s something we live by everyday we head out to sea and that

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