How To Draw Your Furbaby Easily

As you all may know I am not a great artist so thought this may help me a little to improve on my stick figure Pak’n Save man. Sketch your furbaby like a pro It doesn’t take a skilled artist to draw a picture of your dog. Drawing a dog is not difficult and it’s

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Frodo loves visiting Timothy's lodge cattery

What is Timothy’s Lodge at Newflands?

Timothy’s Lodge Communal Cattery Cattery bookings taken now for Timothy’s Lodge Pukekawa. Timothy’s lodge is a lovely little communal cattery nestled in the heart of Pukekawa. It overlooks a lifestyle orchard and has a quiet, settled feel to it. It is named after Fiona’s first cat Timothy she had as a teenager prior to attending

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Training tips for happy dogs

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks Twenty-eight percent of New Zealand families have at least one dog in their household, according to the New Zealand Herald, and the numbers keep growing.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into welcoming the first dog into the home, from purchasing the essentials to choosing a trusted

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the hole in the driveway and how to fix it

Fixing The Hole In The Driveway

Fixing the hole in the driveway Down our driveway, there was a hole that needed fixing. We have about three lots of pipes laid underneath the gravel I started to notice a hole down the driveway I went to investigate it was where two of these pipes had not been completely sealed at the connection.

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