The Top 10 Tricks To Teach Your Dog This Year

Whether you have a new family member just joining you or your fur baby has been with you for years, teaching your dog a new trick is always enjoyable for both you and your fur baby. So, we thought we would share our top 10 tricks to teach your dog this year.

But firstly, a few tips to make the process a little easier for the both of you.

  • Only practice for around 10-20mins a day, any longer can cause frustrations which will not get either of you anywhere.
  • Always have treats on hand! Rewarding your fur baby when they do something right will help them recognise what it is you are wanting them to do. As an option, check out our Hoki treats! A perfect nutritious treat that is sure to get your fur baby doing as they are told.
  • Have patience!!!

Right, now on to the tricks!

1. Shake hands

This is a great trick that is sure to impress anyone who meets your beloved fur baby. It is also a great option with kids, as it is easy to teach and gentle. Children or adults who are scared of dogs can have comfort if approached with a gentle paw.

2. Bark on command

This is perfect if you are having trouble with constant unwanted barking. Being able to teach your fur baby to bark on command can prevent dogs from barking unnecessarily, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool! “Speak”, “BARK”. You could even make it a little more impressive by changing the command to the word ‘hello’. “Say hello”, “BARK”.

3. Wave hello and goodbye

Cause let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to wave hello and goodbye to their dog?

4. Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is always fun! Especially when they know how to return. So, take your family down to the local park and have some fun!

5. Rollover

This is not only good for your fur baby if they love tummy scratches but another impressive trick to show off to your friends. Having a dog that is comfortable with lying on their back can also have its benefits e.g. grooming, or vet visits.

6. Hug

Again, who wouldn’t want hugs from their dog?

7. Stand on hind legs

This is a more complicated but very impressive trick. A few Hoki treats may be needed for this one, and yes, it will be worth it! Once your fur baby has mastered this who knows, you could even teach them to jump on two legs! Now that would be impressive!

8. Heel

This is a perfect trick for those fur babies who sometimes just get a bit too excited for their daily walk. Teaching them to heel will make walking much more enjoyable, especially with big dogs who think it is them walking you!

9. Bringing their leash to you

Again, how impressive would this be? Teaching them to bring their leash to you will not only get them excited for walks but also get you excited about all the possibilities of other objects you can teach them to bring to you.

10. Putting their toys away

How beneficial would this be? Who knows, you could even teach them to tidy up the house… do the vacuum cleaning… wash the windows…


And there you have it, our top ten tricks. But don’t stop yourself there, as you probably already know dogs are pretty smart and they can learn heaps of tricks! So, why not have fun and get creative. Don’t forget we have a range of products that are sure to make training a lot more easy and exciting for you both.