Our Promise to be Kaitiake Guardians of Our Oceans

Our Promise

We are keeping our promise to be guardians of our  oceans.

Thanks to  smarter technology we know how many fish there are and just as importantly how many to leave.

Our quota management system guarantees our fisheries stay sustainable it’s something we live by everyday we head out to sea and that is a promise!

If you could click on the link  you will see the full video of our promise this was  made possible by seafood New Zealand and is supported by the seafood industry of New Zealand. All our products are Hoki from sustainably sourced stock.

As part of the seafood industry of New Zealand we have the responsibility to look after our oceans so that we can return a sustainable income from them in the future. New Zealand was one of the  first countries in the world to implement a quota management system. Quota management is where you take only a portion of something over a period of time. In New Zealand fishing’s case the industry has  gone out and done population studies to determined a small portion of the population of each fish species that we can take in order to enable a sustainable yield for future generations. Our New Zealand Hoki is one of the first species in the world to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification. This process was huge it started by full population survey of all hoki around New Zealand it then went on to have independent auditors look at the way in which the fisheries were conducting the catch and the quantity of the catch along with the quota and how this was being managed. We can proudly say that this is a significant achievement in New Zealand’s history today when it comes to the  Kaitiaki (caring for and guardianship) of our seas.