How Hoki Fish Oil Makes Your Furbaby's Lives Better

How Hoki Fish Oil Makes Your Furbaby’s Lives Better

How Hoki Fish Oil Makes Your Furbaby’s Lives Better

Our furbaby brings so much joy in our lives that we give them a lot of TLC and see them as ‘family’. We make sure that they are healthy, fit, and happy by giving them proper diet, affection, housing, etc. Our grocery list always includes pet care supplies and sometimes we prioritise them more than ourselves. But did you know that your pet care ‘TLC’ routine should also include Hoki Fish Oil? Check out how Hoki fish oil makes your furbaby’s lives better


Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Dog

Fish oil is one of the best supplements to add to your dog’s diet (and cat!). Fish oil  strengthens the immune system which helps prevent arthritis, itchy skin, and irregular heartbeats. It also helps provide a healthy and shiny coat, decrease inflammation, increase heart and brain health.


What is Hoki Fish Oil?

Hoki fish Oil
Hoki bundle of 1 L refill and 200 ml

Hoki is a fish found in the pristine waters of New Zealand. Its oil is rich in Omega 3 essential

fatty acids like DHA and EPA, and has no toxins like mercury, PCB or heavy metals.

Omega 3 EFA is a “good” type of fat that helps develop your dog’s body and brain. Like humans, dogs can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids on their own and must get them from their diet.

According to studies, Hoki Fish Oil contains more than double the amount of anti-inflammatory effect than normal fish oil. Your furbaby is getting more from Hoki Fish Oil than from other available fish oil.

Hoki Fish Oil also helps improve mobility, joint and heart health, which is especially useful for senior pets, with or without arthritis.


How Much Hoki Fish Oil Should I Give?

The amount of Hoki Fish Oil that you should give depends on the weight of your furbaby. To determine the amount of fish oil, you should weigh your furbaby and then determine if they are under or over 25kgs and what dosage is best. A loading dose of x 2 can safely be given for the first 2 weeks of use.

Hoki Fish Oil is a quality fish oil product that provides a lot of benefits to your furbaby which is why this should be included in your pet care routine.

At Newflands, our Hoki Fish Oil is flushed with nitrogen to keep it fresh and prevent it from going rancid or oxidising. Newflands Hoki Fish Oil is Marine Stewardship Council approved – ensuring that the fish we use in our products meet the standards. If you wish to know more information about Hoki, check this out.


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