What does MSC stand for? How does it impact me?

What Does MSC mean?

MSC stands for The Marine Stewardship Council.

MSC is an independent global charitable organisation that helps the world understand their ocean resources and MSChow best to look after them so that they can continue to harvest from the sea without depleting and ruining the Marine environment. Although their head office is based in London UK they have offices around the world and are concerned with all Marine areas of the globe.

Their job is to help set research-based standards on wild populations of fish through study of the species. They support business and the community to understand why sustainable fishing is important in the Ocean environment. Often this means the wild populations will be subject to quotas (a delegated number of fish) that are given to fishing boats which have a limit thus leaving some of the population of the fish in the ocean to allow for continued re-population.

Without quotas in place, the fish may vanish from the Ocean. When you are buying products for yourself, family or Fur Babies from the ocean and you know it is wild always look for this logo or ask your supplier if they are using sustainable fish so you know you are helping the ocean keep its wild fish population. For the most up to date information check out the MSC website for further detail.

All Newflands hoki products are made with sustainably sourced MSC hoki, giving you the confidence in knowing you are contributing to the health of our oceans.