Sustainability and what it means to Newflands

Sustainability for NewflandsGreen World

Here we want to share what sustainability means to us and how it impacts what we do and how we do it. From the beginning of the journey to the end. As we are able we will share with you our journey. We start with our fishing for the future. Here we see the way of the future with Precision Seafood Harvesting.MTS snapper in trawl 03

We don’t just talk about sustainability and reduced carbon foot prints below are some of the ways we actually implement it in Newflands.

When you receive your products where ever possible we have used recycled delivery boxes this is just one of the ways we help to reduce deforestation. When we pack these boxes with your precious products we use shredded paper collected from offices around New Zealand, you can then either compost recycle or reuse.

When we invoice people we email out the invoice and only print the packing slip with the address. So no snail mail from us only parcels with awesome products inside.


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