What is Timothy’s Lodge at Newflands?

Timothy’s Lodge Communal Cattery

Cattery bookings taken now for Timothy’s Lodge Pukekawa.
Timothy’s lodge is a lovely little communal cattery nestled in the heart of Pukekawa. It overlooks a lifestyle orchard and has a quiet, settled feel to it. It is named after Fiona’s first cat Timothy she had as a teenager prior to attending vet school. It was originally a dumping shed for outdoor things you find in sheds on farms like wire, motor mowers, pipes rubbish etc. attached to the side was a greenhouse especially built for Fiona by her husband but never utilised to its full potential and so the decision was made to revamp the building before it fell down out of neglect. The work started and has taken 2 years to get to the stage it is currently at with still more work to finish the idea to completion. It is a fully insulated single garage room with sky panels for light and lightly painted walls and floor with a similar-sized space outside. It has been trialed by client’s cats and is now open for bookings.

The cattery is made of two areas an indoor and an outdoor area, both communal, and both can be got to by the cats “escaping through a window”. Outdoors there are many things to climb and scratch from the stumps to enable movement from inside to out, to the cushioned chairs and automatic water bowl. Inside there are hiding holes, chairs and beds along with steps and a high


shelf for the cats to peruse and look at all the toys scattered around. There is also a water pump bowl inside. During winter there is a heat pump to keep cats warm and if required electric pet blankets can be supplied. For entry, there are two sets of two doors, one for each area, so the possible escape route is restricted. Feeding is done in conjunction with the owner’s requests along with any medical needs for the boarding furbabies.

Watch a video tour here