New Dog Owner Checklist: Must Haves

Congratulations on becoming a new dog owner! You have many fun-filled loving years ahead of you. However, first things first, the must-have checklist that every new dog owner needs, it’s almost like having a baby (except furry). There is a list of things that are essential to have in your…

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Case Study: Using Newflands Omega-i Oil to relieve kennel cough symptoms

Gryff the GSD Cross Siberian

When Newflands are contacted by worried owners whose beloved fur babies have ailments such as kennel cough, we have the perfect solution to help the animal’s immune systems eliminate those dreaded kennel cough symptoms as quickly as possible – our Omega-i Oil. As a pet health supplement company, Newflands have…

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Omega-i Why your pet needs antioxidants!

Science considers disease and a decline in health as a natural process of ageing. Advocates of natural health care view this decline over time as the accumulation of toxins and chronic disease, not as an accepted by-product of ageing itself. What is Oxidation? Oxidation is the loss of electrons or…

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