Hoki and Precision Food Harvesting


Sustainable fishing practices are essential for the future of New Zealand’s fishing industry. Ocean Bounty, episode 9 on New Zealand’s TV 3 showcased just how important sustainable fishing is for the future of this industry, and how it can have a general impact on the quality of fish itself. Here…

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What Does MSC mean?

What Does MSC mean? MSC stands for The Marine Stewardship Council. MSC is an independent global charitable organisation that helps the world understand their ocean resources and how best to look after them so that they can continue to harvest from the sea without depleting and ruining the Marine environment.…

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What is Sustainability ?

What Is Sustainability ? We see a lot of people and companies talking about Sustainability and often not many people actually talking about what it is and what it means. Sustainability is the ability to maintain or uphold and not allow depletion or decrease of a certain rate or level of…

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