Hoki Topper

A lovely flake of Hoki fillet – no bones and comes in an easy-to-sprinkle container so you can spread over any furbaby’s meal for a small boost in top quality human-grade Omegas.Back in stock 2022.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t571Ll4tzys[/embedyt]A lovely light sprinkle of Hoki Topper flakes on top of any Furbabies’ meal – filled with yummy goodness. Back in stock 2022

Newflands Hoki Topper is just like adding that yummy tomato sauce to your chips – a lovely healthy addition of fish flakes to enhance the taste of their food and increase the enjoyment of their eating experience.

Just sprinkle your Hoki Topper flakes over any dish to increase your pets appetite and enjoyment of their meal be it raw, wet or dry and give an added dash of health.

Our Hoki Topper is made from human-grade fillets expertly flaked into a lovely to handle container that enables you to sprinkle them across your pet’s meal with ease without having to touch fish at all.

40 g of freeze-dried Hoki flakes for $12.00