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  • Newflands Hoki Topper

    Hoki Topper

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    A lovely flake of Hoki fillet – no bones and comes in an easy-to-sprinkle container so you can spread over any furbaby’s meal for a small boost in top quality human-grade Omegas.Back in stock 2022.

  • Sale! Hoki Fish oil 200ml

    A Year of Hoki – Shipped Monthly

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    Receive a 1-litre refill of Newflands Hoki Oil each month for a year and get a free small 200ml bottle to top up as needed, keeping the oil fresh.

    This offer effectively gives you two months for free, plus a free 200ml bottle – saving you a massive $186.00 – an unbeatable deal that will keep your Furbabies’ Omegas topped up!

  • Liver Treats

    $6.00$20.00 Select options

    This treat comes in 2 sizes, 50g, 200g and can be supplied in bulk orders on request.

    Tasty and natural,  this is suitable as a training aid for your furbaby and helps to keep the vitamin and mineral content up.

    Please note this product is not freeze-dried.

  • Newflands Hoki Treats - freeze dried pieces

    Hoki Treats

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    Newflands Hoki Treats for training or travelling or even emergency meals are freeze-dried Hoki which are cut into small 10mm x 10mm cubes. They are wonderful training aides and can be easily placed in your pockets and broken into smaller portions for small dogs.

    The bites can be added to your furbaby’s dinner, crumbled into a powder to sprinkle over the dish or even added to warm pet milk on a cold Winter’s night as a supper.

    Freeze-dried products have extended shelf life and can also be frozen in airtight containers or the original packaging. They come in zip lock bags for resealing, so can be portioned out as required.

    For further information on bulk orders, please contact us.5-star Award from

    NOTE: Individual treats may vary in size.

    Newflands Hoki is sustainably fished off the coast of New Zealand and carries the MSC certification with our treats.