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  • Health Treats

    Health Treats – 30g

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    A lovely freeze dried treat which is easily digested by your pet and can be used for training or keeping as emergency rations.


    • Chicken
    • Beef Offal
    • Lamb
    • New Zealand Manuka Honey
    • Newflands Hoki Oil
  • Newflands Gift Voucher

    Gift Cards for Newflands

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    Newflands Gift vouchers can be redeemed on any product or service on our site including the dog park for any furbaby worldwide.
    Gift Cards are purchased and used on any product in-store, for example, Newflands Hoki treats, Newflands Hoki Oil or Bama paw toys to keep your furbaby healthy and happy and occupied.
    No limited amount choose your own limit.
    They can be given to anyone, anywhere worldwide no need to miss a celebration for any furbaby ever again just purchase online and within minutes they can receive their gift.
  • Liver Treats

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    This treat comes in 2 sizes, 50g, 200g and can be supplied in bulk orders on request.

    Tasty and natural,  this is suitable as a training aid for your furbaby and helps to keep the vitamin and mineral content up.

    Please note this product is not freeze-dried.

  • Sale! Newflands Large Hoki Health Pack - Hoki Treats, Liver Treats, 1L Hoki Oil, Health Treats

    Hoki Health Pack – Large

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    Hoki Health Pack – Large, a mix of treats and Hoki oil to get their taste buds going.

    Each Pamper Pack contains: 1x lL Hoki refill bottle, 1x 30gm Health treats, 1x 200gm Liver treats  PLUS a FREE bag of Hoki Bites worth $9.50.

  • Sale!

    Liver Treats – 50gm

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  • Shoe Treats

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    Newflands Shoe Treats are New Zealand’s first freeze-dried ovine spleen treat – a wonderfully tasty treat that is perfection. It is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals and is tasty and crunchy. These treats are natural and so each one may be slightly different in size to the last. All-natural and full of goodness that is found in offal. Your furbaby will love these treats just as ours do when packing they try to steal them. This product has a slightly oily feel to it which is the natural high omega oozing out of it.

    Freeze-dried products have extended shelf life and can also be frozen in airtight containers or the original packaging. They come in zip lock bags for resealing, so can be portioned out as required.