Looking for a new Furbaby? What should I consider?

So you want to add a new Furbaby /Adult to your family? You have thought about it long and hard and you have decided it is the right time.

The next step is to decide what will suit you and where you will get your addition from.

Some thipuppiesngs to consider are:

  • Will it be feline or canine?
  • Will I be home all day if not who will be to look after my addition or will he/she attend a doggy daycare?
  • Do I want to exercise my pal a lot or a little?
  • Do I want to deal with grooming or will a short coat suit my situation better?
  • Will it be the only or will there be more added to the pack or do I have other furbabies already to consider with a new addition?
  • Are there other humans that need to be included in the decision making process?
  • Do I want a rescue or a pet shop puppy or one from a reputable breeder?

When you have what you believe the best answers to these questions then the looking can begin.

If you are looking for a rescue google your local rescues go and volunteer to help and foster first if you can this will educate you more and who knows you may become a foster failure-you fall in love with your foster and keep it this is a good thing!

If you choose a pet shop ask them where they get their animals and what guarantees they have along with what health checks they do on the animals prior to sale.  Some reputable pet shops work with rescues to help find homes for unwanted fur babies so you will have 2 organisations to help you should you need some help.

If you choose a reputable breeder, be prepared to wait, to answer a hundred questions and to be treated like a spouse as you will be part of each others lives for at least the life of the new Fur Baby. A reputable breeder will be there in good and bad times either by phone in person on the web for the life of your fur baby – you are not buying the puppy rather adopting the puppy and buying the lifetime service of the breeder to support you in your education and enjoyment of your new Fur Baby.