International Pet Travel

If you need to travel internationally with your pet we have a highly specialised service which is carried out with specific one on one attention to each furbaby.  We have exported a variety of precious pets including 

  • Movie stars traveling overseas for work and taking their whole family with them
  • Award winning Show Dogs off to compete for their next titile 
  • Working dogs exported to new owners overseas to work on ranches and stations
  • Pampered felines who are travelling the world in style with their owners 

Every client and their animal is cared for as if they were our own fur baby. They are delivered to the airport and waited with until loaded onto the plane , ensuring they feel calm and safe, ready for their journey.

International jet setters all travel in style with our special Newflands care.

Prior to departure all clients must be thoroughly vet checked and depending on the country your pet may require 4 weeks or longer vet testing prior to leaving so it is advisable to make your plans well in advance.

Please check to see if your country of destination requires quarantine on arrival at the MAF website

The departure and travel arrangements for your pet must be discussed prior to booking so that exact requirements including destination, Vet visits, required documentation, travel container, diet, travellers weight and size, and boarding prior to departure or on arrival if required, may be clarified.

Thanks for considering Newflands for your journey.

Newflands is a boutique pet travel company based in the Waikato and I also run a staycation board and cattery with our dog park with each pet treated individually.

This can help if flights are delayed or the timing does not work out for one reason or another.

In order to give you a quote we will need some more details from you.

What we need to know/have before a Quote can be given.

I recommend wherever possible be on the same flight as your pet/s so you can arrive at the same time as your furbaby.

I work with a set fee of $600.00 plus gst per animal this includes one trip to the airport. Further trips are charged at $60.00 per hour and 0.84cents per Km.`

I then give you the receipts for MPI vet ($500- $1500per animal), other vets if you require me to do the flea and worm and rabies visits, along with airline costs of freight. This way you know where your money is going and it is transparent.

In order to give you a quote we will need some more details from you as the freight portion is based on the crate size cm3 and different airlines have different freight rates. Having said this the freight is the smallest amount of work that goes into preparing your pet but can be the biggest cost.

We have several airlines we can utilise this makes for an increased number of routes and breeds we can work with.

Do you have a preference as to which airport you wish to land at?

Do you have any preference for which airline you would like to utilise?

I recommend getting crates pre-flight so you can get your furbaby’s use to sleeping in them.

Airlines will not accept crates that do not fit the IATA standards and no AWEC- Animal Welfare export certificate will be issued if the crate doesn’t not comply from the MPI vets  

Ideally the most direct route is best.

Here are a couple of sites you may consider if you need a crate.    

I can send you a booking sheet as well as IATA information to help with choosing crate size and will work with you to get the best route possible for your furbaby’s.

MPI are subjective when deciding on a crate for the (animal welfare certificate) AWEC required if your flight is longer than 6 hours, I advise you to go for a bigger size than the measurements given under the IATA regulations as this is also more comfortable for your pet when travelling.

When choosing a crate please make sure when your pet sits inside it his ears have a gap before touching the roof and when they lie down they can stretch their legs out.

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Questions regarding all the things required to get a quote for International Travel for Your Pet/Pets

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Thank you for considering Newflands for your journey.

Please let me know if you wish to go ahead by filling in the booking sheet above.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions there will be further information as we progress along the journey as every journey can be different and I will keep you informed as I know.

I look forward to working with you.