How to safely walk your dog

It is the highlight of our day taking our fur babies for a walk and seeing the joy and excitement it brings them as the word ‘walk’ is mentioned. But unfortunately, like most things, there are always risks. Which is why it is important that we take the time to learn ways to keep our fur babies as safe as possible when taking them for that much-deserved walk.  Lucky for you, I am about to share some tips on how you can do just that!


1. Identification

It is very important that our fur babies have identification e.g. microchip, collar with tag, in case they get too excited and get away from us (it does happen!). In case it does we want people to know that our dog has a home and can contact us easily. We don’t want our fur babies ending up in the wrong hands, or someone thinking they are a stray! Remember, your fur baby will be just as worried and scared as you, so the more identification measures put in place, the faster they will return safely home to you.


2. Until you’re confident of your dog’s obedience, always use a leash!

Using a leash will not only keep your dog from running away and potentially getting hurt by ongoing traffic, but it will also help guide and control your fur baby when teaching them to stay by your side. It is important for their safety for them to learn to stick by you, even when it comes time for them to be trusted off the leash, as you still want them to know you’re their protector.


3. Reward your dog during the walk.

When your fur baby has done something correctly or listened to your command, it is important that you reward them with a treat. For example, our Hoki treats work amazingly when trying to bribe them into doing what we ask (just like when we bribe our kids with food, fur babies are the same). I cannot stress enough how important positive reinforcement is when teaching our fur babies what is right and wrong. And trust me for these treats, of course, they are going to do what you say! So why not make it easy on yourself?


4. Teaching our dogs to stop where needed.

Teach your dog to sit every time you cross the road and to stay until you give them a command to do otherwise. The purpose of this is to teach our fur babies to avoid running out into oncoming traffic if they are ever off the lead. Again, by using positive reinforcement such as our Hoki treats every time they sit and wait for your command, eventually, they will learn to stop and sit at the kerb without you even having to ask. And let’s be honest when anyone does anything good without us having to ask we love it!!


5. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Particularly in hot weather, just like us, dogs get dehydrated fast, especially when exercising and going for long walks. It is so important that you take the time to have frequent breaks under some shade and give them some water to help them get their strength and energy back. Enjoy your walk! Take your time in the nice weather and understand if you’re dehydrated or hot your fur baby will be too, if not worse.


Hopefully, this has given you some insight on how to keep your beloved fur babies safe when taking them for walks. Remember it’s a fun time for your dogs, and you want it to be a fun time for you also. So, make it easy on yourself by taking the time to teach and treat your fur baby when deserved to make yours and your fur baby’s experience as safe as possible.

If you are interested in the Hoki treats I have mentioned you can find them here for more info and how to get your hands/paws on some!

Happy walking!!