Do you know Newflands Treats are Freeze dried?

What is Freeze drying?

It is a way we can preserve food for a long period of time. The astronauts in space often have freeze dried meals. A lot of trampers also use freeze dried food as it doesn’t have the weight when it is carried as other food would  and when they add water it returns to the food it was prior to freeze drying.freeze dryer

Freeze drying is where you remove water content from a food or liquid but in such a way it does not alter the product. The way the water is removed is by sublimation removing the water from the product in a frozen state to a gas stage without going through a liquid phase. This is done under reduced pressure, it is unlike cooking or adding heat to the product so it remains the same – for example our Hoki is a raw fish cube which when freeze dried is still raw it is just lighter as all the water has been removed. If water is added it will revert to the state it was prior to Freeze drying.

Technically it is also called lypophilisation, lyophilization or cryodesiccation.

20150929_120859When you feel the freeze dried product or feed it to your pet the first time they may react to the texture however once they have tried it there is often no turning back!

AJ BArty “My dogs devoured your holiday bites!! Love seeing more products being added to your line up”  😀

Lisa Duff “The treats were very popular! Will definitely be ordering more.” ?

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