Celebrating being 10 years old!

Rosie, Lace and Fiona pre 2007

Newflands – a Decade On

Fiona has been working on designing and making products for over 10 years so far. If you have read the about pages you will know about Rosie, and how she inspired Fiona to start the Newflands brand. It started with Hoki Oil and has grown from there. Every product added to the range has a story and a specific furbaby it was designed to help.

Fiona has accomplished many things – here are some highlights:

  • Journeyed through 3 different versions of packaging for the Newflands brand
  • Designed, tested and brought to market at least 5 Newflands branded products with more coming
  • Exported Newflands products to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, UK, and Germany
  • Imported a number of pet brands from overseas
  • Won several awards for design and business success
  • Been featured in numerous media and interviewed overseas on podcasts and for print media
  • Featured on independent review site, KIWIreviews.nz
Newflands dogs park blog


This year we celebrate 10 years of the journey… and this is not a specific day but indeed a journey. Along the way, we want to have several celebrations.

Here are a few things we hope to make happen over the coming year:

  • Sharing people’s stories of using Newflands products
  • Celebrate our amazing stockists
  • New Packaging for our 60g treats
  • New Labels for our newly launched Toppers
  • A birthday cake – chocolate cake with blue icing and our logo
  • A party at Newflands Dog Park