Activities to do with your pet

Summer is on its way which means more outdoor time!! Yay!! Sometimes winter brings the lazy side out of us, and we struggle to get motivation, and your beloved pets sometimes bear the consequences of this. So, to lighten up the mood now that spring and summer are upon us, we thought we would share with you some fun activities that you can do with your pets!

Right, now we know people have a range of different pets, but we will start with the easy one.

Activities to do with your dog:

  • The obvious choice would be to take your dog for a walk, right? But mix it up a bit, go on different trails, so there are new smells for your Furbaby, and new scenery for you, so you don’t lose that interest!
  • Go to the park and throw your furbabies favourite toy around, they’ll love you for it, and it gets that exercise in for you too, it’s a win-win situation! Don’t forget that the Newflands Dog Park is always a good option if you’re looking to mix things up and give your dogs a whole range of new scents to smell and places to run.
  • In the summer, you can take your dogs for a swim to cool off, and if they don’t like swimming, try freezing their favourite toy in a container of water. They will lick and play with it for hours!
  • Everyone loves the beach during summertime, and so do your beloved pooches! Get them out in the summer sun, rolling in the sand and splashing in the water! You could even teach them some tricks like catching a frisbee or playing fetch and bringing the ball/stick back to you. Be sure to take some of our Newflands Hoki or Liver treats with you as they’re an ideal training treat! Dogs go crazy for them and are sure to be obedient with these on the line!

Activities to do with your cat:

Cats are a bit harder to know what to do with, especially with their stubborn personalities, some days they will be thankful that you leave them alone with as much space as physically possible! But then on other days (on their terms of course), they want nothing more than your attention, not surprisingly at the most inconvenient time.

  • Catnip! Now, this is entertaining for you and your cat, sometimes hilarious. Depending on what type of catnip you get you can either spray it on their toys or sprinkle it in their food for them to eat. And you can just sit back, watch and laugh.
  • Toys! Cats love toys, especially toys they can chase and get those sharp claws around. So, take time to run around with a piece of string you have lying around the house, or an electric mouse. Wear them out, so they are not so moody later and hopefully just super cuddly.

And if it’s a rainy day, you could always sit inside and spend quality time watching TV with your goldfish or on a nice day take it for a swim in the pool…