5 Quick Tips to keeping your Furbaby Cool

Locke3 lockeand friendThe heat is so hard for our Furbabies whether they are coated in a long coat or not, and for those with no coats like the hairless varieties, it can be very damaging to their skins if they are in the sun without sunscreen as they burn just like us. Here are five quick tips to keep your loved ones cool this summer that you can do right now.20160109_092628

  1. Wet towels – never underestimate how you can cool using wet towels they can be great. Completely soak your towels in cold water and lay them under as well as on top of your Furbaby without ringing them out. Make sure to cover the armpits and paws and the tummy you can change them or hose them to keep the towels cool.
  2. Get large containers (or paddling pools) and fill with water and stand or sit your furbaby in them you can use a smaller container to pour the water over them again and again.
  3. Freeze large and extra large containers of water and place them in front of your fan so the air passes over the ice in the direction of your furbaby.
  4. Wrap small blocks of ice ( or even froze Veges in packaging ) and place under over and beside your Furbaby as they lay in the shade or under the fan on their wet towels.
  5. Make ice blocks and place in your Furbabies drinking bowl with water. We did this with our Newflands Hoki oil and water and they loved it – some didn’t even make the bowl they ate them on the way in. Such a great healthy treat!20160109_092542