What is Hydrotherapy and how effective is it to recovery?

What is Hydrotherapy?

I often get asked by people what is Hydrotherapy and why should I do it with my dog. So I thought I would put a note down for people to help them with this question.

Hydrotherapy – basically it means water exercise but it is so much more important than that.

Whenever you swim your dogs you are taking the weight off the joints and allowing the muscles to move more freely by doing this you increase the heart rate as staying afloat or walking against a current of water either generated by nature or by machine requires more energy. So you increase your energy consumption and require less time to use the same amount of calories all this with less impact on the joints thus preventing jarring on the joints and potential injury.

It is a great way to prevent joint injury but build muscle mass while a puppy (especially the giant breeds so prone to joint injury) is growing or after surgery to help with recovery.Beau Jump

Although most forms of swimming for our pets are great and effective, to get the most enjoyment and benefit it is best to use warm water so that the muscles can relax to their full potential.

One last comment if you have the patience to work with your cat in this area it is just as beneficial for them as well.