Mipuchi conditioner is based around Harakeke and Manuka honey both well know ingredients for soothing skin and can be used liberally

Mipuchi Hypoallergenic Coat Conditioner

This 250ml bottle of Hypoallergenic Coat condition is applied to dry coats or after shampooing to protect the fur from environmental damage, make with Harakeke and Manuka honey it will protect and soothe the skin. It can be refilled at Newflands Dog Park.


Mipuchi Hypoallergenic Coat Conditioner


Strengthen and condition with this protective, protein-rich formula containing New Zealand’s Harakeke – nature’s nourishing, soothing and anti-inflammatory moisturiser with three times the hydration power of Aloe Vera and Olive oil.

  • Contains active ingredients to restore and moisturise the coat
  • Facilitates fast drying to streamline grooming and contribute to the well-being of dogs and groomers
  • Contains a gentle perfume that won’t harm a dog’s sense of smell, with high-fixation power to release the fragrance over several days
  • Formulated with intelligent molecules that perform well on all hair types and colours
Conditioner for fur
This lovely conditioner leaves the coat enriched with natural oils and protects the new hair coming through.

Plant-based/ PH balanced/ No nasty chemicals/ Cruelty-free



Made Pure in New Zealand