Eco-Friendly Sticks for Dogs

The stick that floats and doesn’t hurt your furbaby’s mouth, so you can keep throwing your stick safely. It is flexible without breaking.

Made from strong durable material but is still soft. Mini come in a set of 2 too cute!!!

RED or BROWN which will you have… or 1 of each?


Introducing our eco-friendly sticks for dogs, crafted from recycled plastic. Choose from vibrant blue, fiery red, or earthy brown – or why not get one of each for endless playtime fun?

Small sticks are on their way, designed to provide hours of entertainment for your furry companion.

Sustainable and gentle on the environment, these sticks are made from soft yet durable material.

Say goodbye to worries about safety – our sticks float and won’t harm your furbaby’s mouth, ensuring worry-free throwing and fetching. Plus, they’re flexible without breaking, guaranteeing long-lasting playtime enjoyment.

For the ultimate adorable factor, our mini sticks come in a set of two. Too cute to resist!

Upgrade your dog’s playtime with our eco-friendly sticks – order now and treat your furry friend to safe, sustainable, and endlessly entertaining fun!




Mini, Medium, Large


Blue, Red, Brown