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  • Newflands EnsoPet composting enzyme refill

    Ensopet Starter Refill – Composting Enzyme

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    Refill your EnsoPet Start composting enzyme in your poo kit with this bag and keep your pet’s poo breaking down in your ground.

  • Newflands Gift Voucher

    Gift Cards for Newflands

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    Newflands Gift vouchers can be redeemed on any product or service on our site including the dog park for any furbaby worldwide.
    Gift Cards are purchased and used on any product in-store, for example, Newflands Hoki treats, Newflands Hoki Oil or Bama paw toys to keep your furbaby healthy and happy and occupied.
    No limited amount choose your own limit.
    They can be given to anyone, anywhere worldwide no need to miss a celebration for any furbaby ever again just purchase online and within minutes they can receive their gift.
  • Newflands Cycle Dog Corn Starch Poo Bags

    Poo Bags

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    These poo bags are made with plant and corn starches. They will biodegrade easily once it is open to air and light however kept in the box or recycled pouch away from light, they will last for years.

    If you also need a pouch, try the Starter Kit and get an amazing clip-on pouch made from recycled inner tubes!

    Each box has 6 rolls, and each roll has 12 bags, giving you 72 bags in total. Enough to last for about a month on average.

  • Newflands Ensopet Zing Bokashi Composting poo starter kit

    Ensopet Composting Poo Kits

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    EnsoPet is an innovative in-ground composting system, specifically designed for composting pet waste, easily and hygienically. EnsoPet composts all pet waste such as Dog Poo, Cat Poo, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Poo!

    EnsoPet also keeps your yard free of pet waste and prevents it ending up in landfill, while returning carbon to the soil and rebuilding the soil on a microbial level. The Composting Kit system comprises of the EnsoPet Composter and EnsoPet starter as pictured.

    How EnsoPet Works

    Once installed in the garden, collect your pet’s waste and drop in to the composter, using the tongs provided. EnsoPet Starter is then sprinkled on top. The micro-organisms in the EnsoPet Starter ensure a rapid breakdown of the waste. Due to this continuous cycle of composing, the EnsoPet Composter will take many months to fill, if it ever does, ensuring extended use. If your composter fills, you simply move it to another location in your garden.