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  • Amélie, our dog is inseparable from MIA PET Bag because she can go anywhere now that you do.

    Mia Pet Bag

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    Mia Pet is a soft, practical and safe bag for your four-legged friend. Sturdy and durable, ideal for XS-size Pets. It is waterproof and hygienic and can be washed easily with water and neutral soap. Even more powerful thanks to the one-sided opening design, where your Pet can look out or rest in maximum comfort. Available colours: Aquamarine or Coral maybe one of each?
    Available sizes: 40x15x24h

  • Tira& Molla
  • Qublo white

    Qublo Cat Gym

    $100.00 Select options

    Qublo Cat Gym is a great way to entertain your cat which can also be used as a bed.

  • Newflands Wackywonder Balls Swimming

    Wackywonder balls

    $30.00$38.00 Select options

    This ball is great made from the rubber tree by hand it bounces in different directions and floats as well as being soft on your dogs mouth it also comes in some pretty cool funky colours

  • Newflands Gift Voucher

    Gift Cards for Newflands

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    Newflands Gift vouchers can be redeemed on any product or service on our site including the dog park for any furbaby worldwide.
    Gift Cards are purchased and used on any product in-store, for example, Newflands Hoki treats, Newflands Hoki Oil or Bama paw toys to keep your furbaby healthy and happy and occupied.
    No limited amount choose your own limit.
    They can be given to anyone, anywhere worldwide no need to miss a celebration for any furbaby ever again just purchase online and within minutes they can receive their gift.
  • Newflands Red Bama Paw Toy

    Bama Paw Toy

    $28.00$34.00 Select options

    Small paw toy that floats and is made from recycled plastic in Italy. It can also be used to walk multiple dogs by attaching their leads to each pad.

  • Bama Floating Stick Dog Toy

    Bama Floating Stick Dog Toy

    $34.00$36.00 Select options

    The stick that floats and doesn’t hurt your furbaby’s mouth, so you can keep throwing your stick safely. It is flexible without breaking.

    Made from strong durable material but is still soft.

    RED or BROWN which will you have… or 1 of each?