• Mitzy on the tractorDo you want the best nutrition and Omega oil for your favourite family member?
  • Do you want healthy cats and dogs?
  • Is the well being of your pet top of your mind?
  • Are you trying to help your pet who has Arthritis, itchy flaky or scratchy skin conditions, heart problems or immune issues?
With Newflands we can help you to achieve all these things for your favourite family member. We have New Zealand Made, Top Quality, Human Grade, easy to use pet supplements and pet health treats.
Newflands products are the best way to maintain your pets well being. Newflands Omega oils supports their immune system which in turn can help the treatment if they have Arthritis, itchy skin conditions or heart problems.
Newflands Pet Supplements and Pet Health Treats products are:  Omega Oil, Hoki  oil Health treats made with Hoki Oil and with Manuka Honey, Hoki Bites . All are made in New Zealand with Top Quality, Human Grade products and are ready for your loving Pets.


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