Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Hoki fish look like?

Some people think he isn’t that good looking for a fish but we think he is pretty incredible at what he provides us with.

Is Hoki Sustainable?

New Zealand Hoki is sustainable it is fished under a quota system that is government regulated and monitored and it is also monitored independently by the MSC.

What is the MSC?

The MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council which is an independent research based organisation that helps look after the worlds’ oceans and supports fisheries to be sustainable. You can find out more about the work they do here.

Why does my Hoki oil go solid in the fridge?

Hoki oil is an essentially fatty acid. Because it has fat in it this goes solid as the temperature decreases thus becoming almost hard when frozen. A gentle rinse of the bottle under warm water will loosen up the oil so it will easily pump through  on to your pets meal. This process of fatty acids changing is called winterization.

My pump isn't working what can I do?

Sometimes we do have this issue first of all try watching the video clip and follow the instructions as they can be very tight the first time you use them