Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Easy Dog Training Tips and Tricks

Twenty-eight percent of New Zealand families have at least one dog in their household, according to the New Zealand Herald, and the numbers keep growing.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into welcoming the first dog into the home, from purchasing the essentials to choosing a trusted veterinarian.  But with all the buying and dog proofing, many prospective pet parents may forget about one of the most important parts of a new pet: how to train them. So we are here to give you some easy dog training tips and tricks.  Armed with a few tried and true tools and methods, however, your puppy can be trained in no time.

Dog Manners for Harmonious Living

Some of the rules and tricks you choose to teach your dog may vary depending on lifestyle and preferences.  Some families may wish their dog to keep off the furniture, others may enjoy the option to cuddle their pet in comfort.  But for the most part, dog owners will want to teach their dog basic manners such as coming when called, refraining from jumping on people, walking on a leash and minimal barking.  Teaching a simple command such as “sit,” a great place to start your dog’s training. When they can sit on command, it helps to curb excited urges and allows you to continue on to something more difficult.

The Best Commands for a Well Behaved Dog and How to Implement Them

As mentioned before, some of the specifics about how you train your dog may depend on your lifestyle, but all dogs should learn some basic skills to allow for dog and human to live in harmony.  Again, begin with teaching your dog to sit on command, then move on to “come,” “stay,” and not jumping on family members and visitors alike. Consistency is key when training a dog. Installing dog cams in your home, as well as automated treat dispensers can help you continue training reinforcement even when you are away. What is more, smart technology can reduce stress in pets while the owner is away, as it keeps them occupied, fed, even entertained.

Getting Started

Fortunately, dogs are eager to learn and eager to please, so they should be excited to begin training.  But before you start, take some time to get to know your pet a little bit.  Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to dog training, but every dog will be different when it comes to what kind of reinforcement they prefer.  While some pups may be motivated by a few pieces of dry dog food, others may require a fancier treat, such as a piece of cheese or jerky. The attention span of your dog will be short, especially at first, so stick to working on just one trick or command at a time, and keep sessions short and sweet, no more than ten minutes. Training your dog will take lots of time, effort, patience and praise, so don’t give up when it doesn’t happen right away.  
Welcoming a furry friend into your family is an exciting time, but a lack of proper training can make tensions run high.  Start training with your pup right away to create the happiest of homes for both you and your pet.