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Company Values

Newflands is founded on this simple philosophy “We want pet owners to give their pets the best quality of life.”

Underpinning this philosophy is a set of strong values that drive Fiona and her team.

Love: Have and show empathy, love and respect for all forms of life, especially pets.

Honesty and integrity: Live honestly and with integrity. Say what you believe is true and act on this accordingly.

Respect: Respect and protect our environment. Follow sustainable practices and use New Zealand natural resources wherever possible.

Fun, learning and positivity: Make being part of Newflands something you enjoy doing. Embrace our philosophy.

Humility: Be humble and show humility to others but recognize achievement in yourself and others.

Creativity: Always strive for the new and the better in a myriad of ways, while using ethically researched-based knowledge.

Financial: Be proactive in growing a significant business so Newflands can support many members of our society in a variety of ways.

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