What do Trout and Hoki have in common?

An example of Hoki Oil being such a success comes from two of our clients, Courtney and Dave from Vet Services Hawkes Bay. They started their journey when they had trouble with fingerlings (baby trout) who had lost their appetite due to ill health. Courtney and Dave’s main priority was to find a quick and easy fix to solve this problem as fast as possible. Courtney and Dave turned to Newflands for help who happily supplied them with Hoki fish oil to try. Because the fingerlings were fussy eaters the main goal was to encourage their appetite. To do this Courtney and Dave covered the fingerlings food in the Hoki Oil s and immediately they saw a difference in the fingerlings behavior towards the behaviour

Overall, it took one week for the fingerlings to return to full health, and only 24 hours for the fingerlings to adjust to the change with the Hoki Oil, and after that, they were happily gobbling up their food.

Despite Courtney and Dave only having spent a small amount of time using the Hoki Oil they were happy with how quickly the oil changed the fingerlings appetites.

It is always great hearing customers success stories with our products and being able to be with our clients along the way. It helps us for our future clients and helps us make sure we are always providing our clients with reliable products that work.

Newflands is a New Zealand based company which is well-known for their development of pet supplements. Hoki Oil, otherwise known as ‘Rosie’s Oil‘, started the Newflands journey after having had such a positive personal experience with the oil. Hoki Oil is now the main ingredient in all current and future Newflands products. Today, Newflands sustainable and ethically sourced New Zealand Hoki Oil has been helping many clients wishing to improve the health benefits of their beloved animals. Newflands also have the advantage, with their research and development focus, of being able to use the Hoki Oil and turning it into a custom solution to help suit every animal’s needs.

Newflands strong focus on research and development continues to enhance and grow our product range with new and exciting health solutions.