About Us

Newflands Our Story

Newflands started because of a Newfoundland dog called Rosie and helps improve the quality of life of all cats and dogs based on products made from Hoki fish oil a fish only found around the coast of New Zealand.

12 May 2010 is a day Fiona Robertson will never forget. Her beautiful Newfoundland dog, Rosie, was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), a terminal heart condition common to the breed.

Fiona, a qualified veterinary nurse, was not about to give up on her pet. She had read widely about the benefits of fish oil and decided she would try to find a fish oil supplement in the hope that this would improve the quality of her dog’s life and perhaps even prolong it.

Fiona’s love of Rosie wasn’t confined to dogs. She has a love and great respect for all animals and for the environment. So Fiona wasn’t interested in any fish oil. Her fish oil supplement had to be sustainable and ethically sourced and produced. Furthermore she wanted a New Zealand product.

Fiona could not find the product she wanted, so she decided to manufacture her own. This was the beginning of Newflands.

Fiona started her trials using a refined human-grade product on her Newfoundland dogs. The results were spectacular:

+ Coat and skin health improved
+ Rosie’s arrhythmia was better controlled
+ Fiona’s oldest dog, Flame, had increased mobility as a result of improved joint health.

Neighbors even noticed the difference in her dogs’ health and wanted to know what product she was using. So now Fiona had a product and a market and Newflands was launched.

Hear about the journey here 

As well as promoting products and expanding her range, Fiona is working alongside Massey University to provide scientific proof of the benefits of using fish and krill oil supplements.

Company Values

Newflands is founded on this simple philosophy “We want pet owners to give their pets the best quality of life.”

Underpinning this philosophy is a set of strong values that drive Fiona and her team.


Our Promise

Love: Have and show empathy, love and respect for all forms of life, especially pets.

Honesty and integrity: Live honestly and with integrity. Say what you believe is true and act on this accordingly.

Respect: Respect and protect our environment. Follow sustainable practices and use New Zealand natural resources wherever possible.

Fun, learning and positivity: Make being part of Newflands something you enjoy doing. Embrace our philosophy.

Humility: Be humble and show humility to others but recognize achievement in yourself and others.

Creativity: Always strive for the new and the better in a myriad of ways, while using ethically researched-based knowledge.

Financial: Be proactive in growing a significant business so Newflands can support many members of our society in a variety of ways.

Some Of Our Newflands Team

Newflands Dogs Fiona About Us

The Girls on our labels.

3 girls who are very dear to our hearts.

First there is Lace the brown who passed away at 13 years 2 months and 5 days and was from a litter of 4 she was the only girl and had 2 brown brothers and 1 black brother, Red, Toby and Stanley. Then our black and white girl Fleur who is 10 on April 4th 2016 – in some countries they are called Landseer after the painter Edwin Landseer as he use to love painting them she is from a litter of 7 , Blaze, Gastone, Macy, Gretel LLoyd,  and Gretel (who is now in Germany) and last but certainly not least is our Abbey who is 10  and is from a litter of 3, Basil and Clive. All the  girls have been mums although not often and are now  grandmothers or great aunts.

Mitzy on the tractor

Mitzy one of our rescue girls

The office supervisor

Mitzy was rescued from the Rangiriri bridge about 4  years ago. I stopped at the traffic light and she came out of the bushes and sat and looked at me as if to say “Well I have been waiting for you how come it took you so long?” so needless to say I pulled over let other traffic passed raced across the road to discover  her meandering back into the bush to her litter of 3 kittens and the rest as they say is history her babies Monty , Possum and Arthur went on to loving homes but she stayed here with us and now supervises everything we do with utmost care and is often found asleep on our bed or sitting on a shelf above my desk as i work. No one wanted her  and I am glad as she has chosen to own me – I can’t remember being owned by a cat quite like her ever.