4 Legz Frozen meals

4 Legz is New Zealand’s best-frozen food for your pet, human-grade tasty and exquisite for all your furbaby needs. The range contains New Zealand ‘s supreme natural resources Manuka Honey, Newflands Hoki Oil, Lamb, Tripe Salmon, blueberries, and Chicken. All product is disease and pest free and suitable for you to consume yourself. We pride our quality over the fact we make the best quality products. Currently available at Newflands Dog Park, Tuakau, and The Dog Groomer, Timaru. To stock or purchase, our products contact us today info@newflands.co.nz

We have whole Sea Perch minced

Sea Perch whole fish minced.

500 gm bags and Bulk boxes of 11 kgs  which can be collected from:

RustyDog Outdoors Pukekohe   by arrangement

Natural and Wild 500 gm a wonderful mix of NZ Lamb, Tripe, Salmon Chicken, Manuka Honey and Newflands Hoki Oil with a square each containing Turmeric, one of spinach and one of blueberry.

All safe grass fed and disease free. 4 Legz account for payments is BNZ 02-0290-0471301-025.

4 Legz is a small company owned by two pet professionals who have been in the industry most of their life one way and another and combined have over 100 years of experience. All products are of export quality and this company is expected to grow on a global scale.

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