Sausage treats (30g)



Unique blend of raw meats from Lamb, Chicken and Beef Offal combined with Manuka Honey and Newflands fish oil. High in Omegas that is from sustainably sourced from New Zealand.

A lovely freeze dried treat which is easily digested by your pet and can be used for training or keeping emergency rations.


  • Hoki oil
  • Species Macruronus Novaezelandiae
  • Chicken, Beef Offal, Lamb, New Zealand Manuka Honey, Newflands Hoki Oil, fruit and cereals

Typical Analysis Specification

  • 52.8 Protein
  • 26.6 Fat
  • 14.7 CHO
  • 5.9  Ash


Easy to use
Very highly palatable
Healthy glossy coat
Joint Support
Cardiac Care
Cognitive function
Slow retinal degeneration
Removes free radicals which create aging
Removes toxins from the body
Supports immune system
Supplies Protein and Fat

How to Use

This product can be increased with no side effects but may increase speed of results.